Carla has trained in each of the following methods of bodywork.  She will consult with you to determine what combination of methods will most support you.

1massage-deeptissueDeep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage is area-specific or full-body treatment for stress & injury prevention, and recovery from acute & chronic pain and injuries. Your treatment could include other modalities listed in conjunction  with light to deep muscular massage.

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tuina2TuiNa Massage/Acupressure  supports balance of the five yin and five yang organs and is done largely on the back and abdomen. TuiNa addresses immunity, women’s health, full body health and insomnia. TuiNa used in conjunction with Qi Gong practice can speed your healing process.

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blueflowerBodywork for Women: Abdominal, Uterine & Pelvic Massage Abdominal, pelvic and external uterine massage for women is a combination of muscular, myofascial, and acupressure treatments.  Treatments are primarily on the abdomen and back.

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lymph massageLymphatic Drainage is a gentle therapy that addresses circulation of lymphatic fluid. Light strokes are applied directly to the skin or over the clothing, following the flow of lymphatic fluid in your body. This therapy supports overall health and is also valuable for some specific conditions.

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Carla is also a trained Craniosacral therapist — learn more.