Qi Gong and Meditation Classes

Qi Gong is an intentional energy practice. It includes focused movement, breath, sounds and meditation with a sustained focus on specific acupoints and meridians. Qi Gong can be done lying, sitting, standing, or moving, depending on the needs of the person and the form of Qi Gong. Tai Qi falls under the umbrella of Qi Gong practice. Qi is vital life force or energy. Gong means work. Hence we work with our energy, guiding it with our intention and inner focus. Regular and consistent practice can yield greater health, vitality, flexibility, balance, calmness and awareness.



Prepare your body for the seasons ahead with Yuan Shen Qi Gong. This 8 movement form activates your kidneys to nourish and harmonize your internal organs. We will learn the form and practice Qi self-massage and other Qi Gong exercises.

Please inquire about upcoming 2020 group and private classes.

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