Heron tricol 01Hakomi is a form of counseling focused through the body and practiced with a conscious, loving presence. The Hakomi techniques are the framework used to develop sensory and emotional awareness, and to reveal the contents of core beliefs.

When we attend to our inner life as a friend, we have an opportunity to understand the richness and depth of our sensory and emotional experiences. Through being curious about ourselves and studying our habits, we become the great experiment.

Hakomi is not physical bodywork, but can be used in combination with slow, mindful bodywork. When used during bodywork, the inner experience and exploration may become primary and the physical bodywork secondary.

Hakomi can help you:
•develop a deeper relationship with and connection to your body, breath and emotions.
•access inner embodied resources and wisdom for self-healing.
•increase awareness of your core beliefs and perceptions of yourself and others for greater intimacy and connection with others.
•transcend defense mechanisms and heal trauma.
•find clarity and movement in areas of life where you are blocked.

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